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China’s tourism industry moves into the world

2019/4/3 15:49:32
Following the lead of Chinese outbound customers, but also searching for business from the other 88% of global travellers, travel and tourism companies like Ctrip, JinJiang International, Alibaba’s Fliggy, Tongcheng-eLong, Meituan, and others are moving out of China.

These companies have set off the consumption pattern in one of the world’s biggest countries to a new scale. This is done by effectively tapping into key areas such as communication, ID management, shopping, payment, and many others.

Already about one-third of the revenue of Ctrip in the last quarter of 2018 was generated from international rather than domestic business. Ctrip owns localized websites specifically targeting more than 20 markets and more importantly international companies like Skyscanner, Tours4fun,, and others.

Even Alibaba, with the help of its “Global Fun” project, plans to have more global influence through business development of its travel arm Fliggy, aiming at easing the process of conducting travel business internationally. Tongcheng-eLong has similarly started to move outside China as well with the acquisition of the domain for their international website.

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