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Tianmu Hotspring Hotel nanchang profile

2019/2/16 20:56:27
Tianmu Hotspring Hotel nanchang which is elaborately forged by Tianmu Group is the only one five star city resort hotel in Nanchang Tianmu Hotspring Hotel nanchang is located in NO.1 of Jingzhi Road.Qingyunpu district Nanchang.
Tianmu Hotspring Hotel nanchang is accompanied with the Buddhist holy land of "Guanyin Gusi" and adjoins with the beauty spot of badashanren in Mei lake. Badashanren is named after a famous painter of the Ming dynasty.
Tianmu Hotspring Hotel nanchang is apart from Xufang passerger station about 5.7 km and from Nanchang railway station about 9km.Generally, it will spend you about 40 minutes if you travel by air. With particularly favorable natural conditions, if you choose here for your vacation destination or business consultation ,the jam will be avoided .If you choose here, it will also leave you an unforgettable memory with the one package service of completed facilities which will fulfill various kinds of demands such as shopping , lavipeditum, SPA,hydrotherapy ,sauna and so on.

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Yindo Grand Jasper Hotel Zhuhai traffic info

Business zone:Gongbei Business District
Address:Guangdong · Zhuhai · Gongbei - No.1150 Yuehai East Road Gongbei Zhuhai China