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Milord Hotel Hefei profile

2019/2/16 20:56:26
Milord Hotel Hefei is located in Hefei at County 4A level scenic spots Zipeng Mountain Scenic Area, Hefei City, about 30 minutes drive away. Backed purple mt, overlooking the weir Bay, is the first pure landscape in Hefei golf and leisure resort. Milord Hotel Hefei covers an area of ??15,000 square meters, the main body is distinct and unique Mediterranean architectural style, yard, living Tianranyangba everywhere highlight the extreme distinguished taste. Hefei celebrities Metropark Golf Resort has hundreds viewing room deluxe rooms, four separate viewing room luxury villas, a step King, international standard golf greens panoramic view! Another supporting and Western cuisine restaurant, Milord Hotel Hefei offers a comprehensive choice of cuisine. Spa SPA, chess leisure, cigar bar, bar, golf course, everything's fine facilities, to provide you with a full range of holiday trip premium services.
Milord Hotel Hefei Opened in April 2013, the main building of four layers, the total number of rooms 70 (sets).

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Yindo Grand Jasper Hotel Zhuhai traffic info

Business zone:Gongbei Business District
Address:Guangdong · Zhuhai · Gongbei - No.1150 Yuehai East Road Gongbei Zhuhai China