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Hui Hotel Shenzhen profile

2019/2/16 20:56:10
Hui Hotel Shenzhen together to create by YAC and Italy LA PARGAY clothing brand fashionable The Inn Boutique. Designers draw inspiration from the black and white style LA PARGAY brand pure, into the east culture elements in simple and modern space, to create a stylish hotel space.
Hui Hotel Shenzhen along the street geometry blocks protrude window formed well-proportioned dynamic combination, internal to the grey tone, by the Chinese and Western combination of furniture, furnishings and cleverly decorated Chinese contemporary art to create a space form of mood, exudes a quiet elegant temperament. Hui Hotel Shenzhen restaurant unique design ingenious, designers will be part of the space six floor to the top floor opened, construct the sinking indoor courtyard landscape type, and the introduction of the popular book, let guests enjoy double obtain the body and mind in a natural elegant in environment. ShenZhen Hui Hotel opened in 2014 01, the main building is 8 stories high, 85 rooms and rooms (sets).

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Yindo Grand Jasper Hotel Zhuhai traffic info

Business zone:Gongbei Business District
Address:Guangdong · Zhuhai · Gongbei - No.1150 Yuehai East Road Gongbei Zhuhai China