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Taixuhu Holiday Hotel Hangzhou profile

2019/2/16 20:55:38
The holiday hotel is the first Oriental cultural theme leisure hotel in east China, the financial landscape culture, leisure, culture and keeping in good health culture is an organic whole, to meeting exhibition, leisure and health check-up.
Hotel total construction area of nearly 80000 square meters, the overall design color rich Oriental culture, of primitive simplicity and elegant show luxurious style.Deluxe, a total of 297 rooms, a total of 5 western-style restaurant, can accommodate 2200 people dining at the same time.International conference hall of 1500 square meters with 20 size conference room is the best place to international and domestic high-end conference.Subsidiary of Oriental nursing homes equipped with senior doctors and advanced medical instruments, to provide professional rehabilitation and medical services;Diversified recreational facilities and large outdoor amusement, grass skiing, boats, fishing, tennis, expand, and Oriental water world big surf pool, herbal pool, physical therapy center, swimming pool, SPA, children's playground and other activities.
Taixuhu Holiday Hotel Hangzhou opening time on October 1, 2008, 7 layer in the high building, a total of 297 rooms (sets).

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Yindo Grand Jasper Hotel Zhuhai traffic info

Business zone:Gongbei Business District
Address:Guangdong · Zhuhai · Gongbei - No.1150 Yuehai East Road Gongbei Zhuhai China