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Vietnam's strong growth in Chinese arrival - not the full picture

2018/7/19 15:40:33
Vietnam overtook South Korea as the fifth most-visited outbound destination among Mainland Chinese travellers for H1 2018, behind Hong Kong and Macao in Greater China, as well as Thailand and Japan.

With second, third and lower tier cities now serving as a key driver of growth in global Chinese outbound tourism, regional countries such as South Korea and Vietnam, which often serve as the first international travel destinations beyond the Greater China region for many less-experienced Chinese outbound travellers, are particularly exposed to wider shifts in Chinese outbound travel trends.

In having swollen their tourism market with the ‘low hanging fruit’ of low yield package travellers, many hotels in popular destinations in Vietnam no longer have beds available for non-Chinese guests, leading to the Department of Tourism of Khanh Hoa calling for a minimum of 15% of hotel rooms to be set aside for visitors from other countries out of fears on dependence on the Chinese market.

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